Celebrating Party and Dinner

On November 8th, last Thursday, our company had a dinner party celebration for all staff at Myeik Gaung Phyu Restaurant in Thingangyun.

There were 3 main reasons behind this occasion. The first is to welcome the new sale staff. The second is to celebrate our Marketing Sub-leader’s 1 year working Anniversary at CUE. And to celebrate Birthday party for November born staff as a surprise.

For new people, it was the first time experience of welcoming and making friends to get to know each other. Our CEO also made another surprise by giving gift to our beautiful Marketing Sub-leader to thank her for being with CUE for 1 year. She was very happy and liked the gift very much. Then, she gave a short speech to encourage new staff and to thank her co-workers. And lastly our admin team brought the birthday cake for November born people and we all sang the birthday song together.

Moreover, our CEO and his wife was so nice to have another plan for us. It was to go to KTV and have fun. We were all so surprised and we were definitely ready to go.

We all had a great time and we were happy. That is our company’s nice party and one of our culture.

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